If you’re here and you’re considering Coaching, you’re looking for Transformation in your life, your outlook, your career, and/or your relationships. You want things to be different. You’re interested in becoming someone more who is more intentional and more impactful than who you’ve been settling for up to now in this lifetime.


Life has a way of seeming like it’s sneaking up on you and throwing monkey wrenches into your best laid hopes and plans. Relationships with family and friends can become overwhelming, and we can unintentionally react in ways that make things worse or cause new problems. In Coaching, we will work on declaring what you want your life to be and how you want to show up in your many different relationships. We’ll get clear on what you want out of your life and what needs to change (or maybe stay the same) to make it happen.


Challenges and frustrations with work can have a huge negative impact on the other areas of your life. You may be looking for a promotion or to move in a completely different professional direction. You may be looking to find a way to work with or simply get along better with bosses or co-workers. In Coaching, we will look at these things and figure out what you could do to be more intentional and impactful at work on a daily basis.


Part of living a more purposeful life is being able to answer a couple of simple questions – “Why am I here on Earth at this time?” and “What is the difference I want to make in the World?” When you have those answers, making decisions and moving in the right direction becomes straightforward, even when making those decisions and moving in the right direction isn’t easy. In Coaching, we will work on finding those answers and figuring out where those answers lead you.